What If My House Won’t Sell During A Divorce in Fairfax?

If you’re going through a divorce and you’re trying to sell a house, you might ask: “What if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Fairfax?” That’s a good question. So be sure to read this blog post. We’ll share our best answer with you…

What If My House Won't Sell During A Divorce inA divorce can be a challenging situation: it’s complicated, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and emotions are running high. And in all that effort you also need to sell your house so that you can split the value of any equity in the house and put it all behind you. But what if your house doesn’t sell? If you’re going through a divorce and wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Fairfax?” then here’s what to do . . .

What Are The Reasons Your House Doesn’t Sell?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons your house might not sell. Some  are related to the normal market conditions. Those would still be present even if you weren’t going through a divorce. These include high interest rates, more sellers than buyers, or a major local employer downsizing or moving out of town. (The Washington area is pretty stable when it comes to employers, but interest rates and downturns in the economy hit everywhere.)

But there might be additional reasons that your house doesn’t sell. For example, maybe you have a complicated divorce or there’s a lot of conflict between each party in the divorce and this makes it too difficult for the average buyer to negotiate on the sale of the property. It’s likely that the house needs some repairs or updates, but the owners don’t have the money or (sometimes) the interest in doing those repairs.

This Delay Adds To The Problem!

If the house is not selling as quickly as you’d like, this just adds to the problem and it ultimately ends up costing you more — in repairs and maintenance, taxes utilities, and mortgage payments, as well as additional attorneys fees.

Simply put, you might be hoping to get a high price for your house but your divorce could actually be scaring people away and costing you money.

Fortunately there’s another option . . .

Strategy For Divorce Houses: Sell To A House-Buying Company

Here’s an effective strategy for people involved in a divorce who are trying to sell their house. Instead of listing the house with an agent, sell the house directly to a real estate buying firm like us here at Solutions 3D LLC.

Time for a bit of straight talk: Will we offer as much as an “average” buyer if this were a normal situation? Frankly, probably not. But when you look at what you’ll actually receive, the numbers are very close. When you sell to Solutions 3D LLC, you avoid:

  • Real estate commissions
  • Spending money on repairs
  • Most if not all of your closing costs
  • Being asked to help with the buyer’s closing costs
  • Spending money on staging, landscaping, painting, new carpeting, etc.

Those costs usually add up to 9-12% of the sales price of your house when you sell conventionally.

You also save money by:

  • Selling faster–typically in 2-4 weeks, not 2-5 months.

That saves you anywhere from 1 to 4 mortgage payments, plus all your utility costs.

Finally, you get rid of a lot of hassle:

  • Dealing with all the contractors involved in repairs, painting, landscaping

All that adds to to savings in time and money.

By the way: We also buy houses from long-divorced couples. Recently, we bought a house from a couple who’d been divorced for more than 25 years. Fortunately, at the time they didn’t have to ask: “What if my house won’t sell during a divorce?” Part of the agreement was that the ex-wife could continue living in the house. The husband remarried and moved a thousand miles away. The ex-wife had recently moved in with one of her sons, 800 miles away. The  other son lived about 900 miles in yet a different city.

Twenty-five years later, it was time to sell. We bought the house from the couple using overnight mail and email. Neither one (in fact, no one from the family) had to come to the closing. The equity in the house was divided based on a decades-old agreement (51% to the wife, 49% to the husband). And they got all the equity–no real estate commissions, no repairs, no closing costs. Nice and simple.

If you’re wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Fairfax?” and you want to sell your house fast, consider a real estate buying firm like ours. It’s the fastest and simplest choice to get the property out from the middle of your divorce, give you money for it, and allow you to wrap up this portion of the divorce proceedings. In short, it lets you move on with your life.

To learn more about our real estate buying program and how we can help you out in this challenging situation, click here and fill out the short form or call our team at 703-239-4212.

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